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Bishop Watterson Drumline

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Performance we make Noize!!!!!

Outdoor Drumline (8th period, 1st Semester + many extra hours outside of school)

The Bishop Watterson Drumline has been in existence officially since 1982, but the first year that the Watterson Marching Band started to perform and compete was 1984. In the first 4 years, the drumline mainly existed within the marching band season, and consisted of a typical "traditional" style set up: snares; tri-toms; basses; cymbals; and marching bells. As the band started to gain more success in the competetive arena, and the tenets of being a competetive drumline started to become important, new elements and demands started to come in. In the fall of 1987, the band qualified for for OMEA State Finals for the first time. From this starting point, the drumline started turning it's sights towards a more serious and up to date approach, and took on the style of a competetive drumline.
   The addition of a Front Ensemble in 1991 was the first major step in this direction. The shows started taking on a more competetive nature, and drum parts started to evolve away from stock charts to custom written parts and the drill demand became more challenging.  The mid '90's saw the drumline starting to win many "High Drum" trophies, as well as a swell in numbers participating. The mid '90's also saw the program and students involved start to participate in outside activities like solo and ensemble participation, private lessons, summer camps. The numbers grew to sustain an average of 21 members for the past 15 years. The largest line was in 1997 with 25 members.

2010 MSBA Finals lot rep of Changes

Indoor Drumline -  (after school, every other year) 2018 will be an Indoor year

   Indoor Drumline is the newest entity in the Percussion Program. Only in it's 3rd year, the line performs in 2 different circuits in Ohio - The Mid-East Performance Association (MEPA), and The Ohio Indoor Performance Association (OIPA). The Indoor Drumline performs every other year (on the "off" years of the Disney Trip.
     The group consists of the traditional marching percussion instruments in the battery and front ensemble performing physically intensive drill and music inside a gym. The music and drill are depictive of a chosen story or theme, and have been all original in nature, designed by members of the staff. The Indoor Drumline welcomes prospective 8th grade students to march, especially those who plan to march in the high school program! 

Outdoor Line Awards and Honors

* Over 100 "Best of Class" Percussion awards in Ohio Music Education Association and Mid States Band Association competition
* consistetnly in the Top 5 regardless of class or band size since 2006
* 22 years of Superior Ratings at OMEA State Finals; 20 year streak still in progress...

Indoor Drumline Awards and Honors

*2017 OIPA Bronze Medalist in Scholastic Class A
*2011 OIPA Silver Medalist in Class Independent A
*2011 MEPA Bronze Medalist in Class Indepnedent A
*2011: Senior Member Ryan Patton wins MEPA Scholarship for Class independent A
*2010 OIPA Bronze Medalist in Class Independent A
* numerous 1st and 2nd Class Placements in MEPA and OIPA regional contests

Concert Band (8th Period, 2nd Semester)

The Concert Band percussion section performs at the Spring Concert, as well as OMEA Large Group Contest. Also, on years that indoor drumline does not go out, 3-4 Percussion Ensembles will form and participate at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble event. All members of the program are also required to do a solo at this event every year, especially if they are NOT in Concert Band or the indoor line on those years.

Jazz Band/Pit Orchestra (2nd Semester, after school)

The Jazz Band and Pit Orchestra are groups for Drum Set players.  The Jazz Band also will use vibes and Latin Percussion instruments, and the Pit Orchestra will sometimes use an auxillary position. These groups do have an audition process. The Jazz Band traditionally takes 2 set players and one vibes. Jazz Band is considered a class ,and the members get 1/4 arts credit. The Jazz Band performs at the Spring Concert and at some community events in the Spring. Pit Orchestra performs for the Spring Musical.