The Rhythm Syndicate Indoor Drumline

Bishop Watterson Drumline

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Music      Step Up....THROW DOWN!!!

2016 Show: Joy!!!

   Show themed on the different ideas and emotions that can be considered "Joyful".  People experience Joy through happy times or events, the feeling of peace or calm after completing a challenge, the "Zen" feeling one gets when things are in complete balance...and even the "Joy" of being deviant, secretive or a little bad. 


Music used is from Fantasia on G by, Steven Mahr; Beethoven's 9th Symphony; The Dream of Oengus by Rolf Rudin; Matroshka (The Ornament) by the band Dredg

  Act 1 is an overture that has snippets of the 3 different moods. 

  Act 2 is the second movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony, representing the true meaning of Joy

  Act 3 is a journey into the dark side of joy....secretiveness, deviance, mystery, mischievousness...

  Act 4 is the return to "Zen"...the joy of being calm, safe, and in balance. The celebration of everything coming into the light again