The Rhythm Syndicate Indoor Drumline

Bishop Watterson Drumline

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Official Handbook, Philosophies and Policies


We will not worry about things beyond our control such as scores and placement. Our standards MUST be higher than any judge can hold us to. The success of our season will be determined by the achievement of our goals!!!


Our main goal is to be the best performing ensemble that we can be, and to have an enjoyable time through the process. Our only competition is ourselves, and our only obstacles are the ones we create and agree to not overcome


   Our drumlline is rooted in the DCI Drum and Bugle Corps style in the aspects of playing, marching and discipline. Drum Corps is a competetive environment that has it's roots in military marching bands. This millitaristic idea of discipline allows us to perform and focus at the highest level of our abilities, and will develop a sense of PROFESSIONALISM not seen in many other high school drumlines. In our drumline DISCIPLINE is not a bad word!
   Being in a competetive environment also means that we have the added pressure of putting our stuff "on the line" against other drumlines and bands. Competetive bands stress the education of the performers in their subject area (music). High scores and awards are only part of the motivation. This means that we do what we do to become better musicians and performers, and NOT to support athletic groups.


We all love to drum, and THAT is why we should be here!!!! I very rarely have problems with people that have negative attitudes ,and I am thankfull for that. The amount of fun that we have, and the level of discipline is set by the members of the program alone. We all know practice can only be fun if we are focused and doing the right thing.

As a member of the drumline, you should always come to rehearsal eager to learn and grow as a musician, and ready to focus on new ways to improve yourself

As always, our main goal is to have fun while doing this, but NOT at the expense of the work you put into it.

Competitions are not won at the show. They are won AT HOME, ON THE BOARDS, IN LESSONS, AND ON THE PRACTICE FIELD!!!!!


The Drumline has always been one of the most organized sections in the band, which is a GREAT testament to your maturity as a performer, so lets keep this tradition alive! The most successful organizations in ANY activity are the ones who are the most organized and prepared.  Make sure that your organized preparation includes :
1. knowing the schedule, and being here when you should
2. having all materials needed for effective participation in rehearsal
3. learning your music the DAY THAT YOU GET IT, and memorizing as quick as possible

Organization should be a year 'round goal, not only  for drumline, but for life.

To lose or forget things is like saying "I don't care". DO NOT compromise the success of your fellow drummers, and the organization by being unprepared!


You must attend all of the camps and scheduled rehearsals to improve at the same pace as the rest of the line!
If you miss, you not only hurt your own progress, but you also hurt those with you in the group. IF PRACTICES ARE NOT TOP PRIORITY IN YOUR SCHEDULE, THERE IS NO WAY WE WILL MEET OUE GOALS, OR BE SUCCESSFUL!!!  Please consider this before you commit!
As metioned in the organization caption, saying "I forgot" is like saying "I don't care". 

The attendace policy is: if you miss more than 2 of any scheduled rehearsals for ANY REASON other than family emergency or sickness ( that you inform me of beforehand) your position in the line will be reconsidered. Obviously I will be considerate of situations as long as I am given the courtesy of notice as soon as possible, but consistent absence or skiping shows me that you don't care. You are given the schdule for the any activity wiht enough time to schedule work, family events, sports practices, rides etc.

For marching band drumline members, our mandatory band camp is ALWAYS the first two weeks of August. YOU MAY NOT MISS EITHER ONE OF THESE WEEKS FOR ANY REASON! We cover too much information in these 2 weeks for you to miss any part. In light of this, I highly suggest scheduling family vacations in June or July. Also, starting on the 3rd Saturday of September, and going until the  first Saturday of November, do not plan anything on Saturdays as we will be at competitions the whole day!


We do not have try-outs for the different instruments in the High School programs. i do placement by observing the level of dedication of being the best musician, performer, and person that you show me from THE FIRST TIME I MEET YOU! This could be in Honor Band in 6th grade, private lesons, summer of freshman year etc. I TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION ALL THE ASPECTS OF YOUR INVOLVEMENT, including organization, attendance, preparation, "away from drumline" life skills and interactons etc.

The basic rule is: if you do the work, you will land where you want to land. No one is "given" a position, especially due to seniority or other non-ability based criteria.  I take "wisdom" into consideration, but not just pure age or class rank. Just so you know, here is how I focus on placement, in order from most important to least:
1. your role in the success of overall ensemble as a section and with the band
2. your success as a performer within the ensemble
3. good attitude
4. level of organization and dedication to the program
5. attendance
6. music reading/interpretation
7. chops
8. seniority

Failure to show consistent proficiancy, ability, or understanding of the aspects in itialics will be the largest determining factors in placement if all other things are equal. "You can teach chops, speed, and drumming. You can't teach attitude and personality"..Anon

2016 Practice Schedule

Mon July 25th 5:30-8:00 - BATTERY ONLY

Tues July 26th 5:30-8:00 - FRONT ENSEMBLE ONLY

Weds July 27th 5:30-8:00 EVERYONE * Mongos run after practice

Week of Aug 1st - Aug 5th is also PRE-CAMP!!! From 9-1.

Everyone is required to be there every day. Also, new members will get fitted for uniforms this week.

Notice that the evening practices have been moved up to right after band camp on Mon-Weds

Mon Aug 1st 1:30-4:00 - BATTERY ONLY

Tues Aug 2nd 1:30-4:00 - FRONT ENSEMBLE ONLY

Weds Aug 3rd 1:30 - 4:00 EVERYONE * Mongos run after practice


Week of August 8th - 11th is FULL CAMP from 8:30am-8:30pm every day!!

This is it people! The 2nd most important week of the year!!! NO ONE


vacations. No weddings. No doctors appointments. No drivers ed .... Nada!

This is the week we learn how to be a full member of this band! Missing

time this week will put you too far behind to possibly catch up for the


Week of August 15th-18th

Mon Aug 15th - Full Band 9-1; Battery practice 1:30-4

Tues Aug 16th - Full Band 9-1; FE practice 1:30-4

Weds Aug 17th - Full Band 9-1; BAND POTLUCK at Watterson 6-9pm

Thurs Aug 18th - ALL DRUMLINE 5-8

Mon Aug 22nd - ALL DRUMLINE 5-8 * Mongos run after practice

During the school year

Band meets as 8th period during the week ... roughly 2:30 and will go from there until after school on

this schedule:

Monday - Micro-sectionals until 4:30.


Tuesday - full band until 5:15

Wednesday - full drum line until 5:30

Thursday - full band until 5:15

Friday - either football games or practices

Competition Season Saturdays

Starting on the 3rd Saturday of September we will start having competitions. These will generally

take all day including practices, and travel. THESE ARE THE REASON WE DO THIS WHOLE

ACTIVITY!!!! From the 3rd Saturday in Sept to MSBA Finals in Nov we will have something on

EVERY SATURDAY. The same rules apply here for attendance as full camp week ... No work. No

sports. No vacations. No weddings. No doctors appointments. No drivers ed .... Nada!