The Rhythm Syndicate Indoor Drumline

Bishop Watterson Drumline

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Alumni Info

Name                   Years In The Line       Where Are You?                     What Do You Do?                           Post-Secondary Schooling/Activity        E mail
Jim Swanson         1984 - 1988                Columbus Ohio        Percussion Instructor BWHS                 Otterbein College/The Recording Workshop      [email protected]
Bill Hurley                   1985 - 1989                Columbus Ohio                          Graphic Designer                                  The Ohio State University
JP Bentz                     1988-1992                 Columbus Ohio                           Senior Accontant                                  The Ohio State University
Steve Spence            1999-2003                  San Diego, CA                             Music Teacher                                       Michigan State University
Ashelyn Diaz                2008-2010                Kent, Ohio                                   (Student) Buisness Management          Kent State University Air Force ROTC          [email protected]
Jarrod Komarek          2006-2010                 Columbus, Ohio                          Guitar Center Percussion Retail            Madison Scouts/Rhythm X
Cathryn O'Connell      2008-2010                                                                                                                                   University of Dayton
Sean Milburn                 2011                         Kent, Ohio                                   Student (Physics)                                  Kent State University Air Force ROTC
Nick Mosko             2008-2012               Charelston, SC                      Student                                           The Citadel
Justin Forsthoeffel  2008-2012               Columbus, Ohio                     Student                                           The Ohio State University
Alec Brown             2008-2012                Dayton Ohio                          Student (Music Ed.)                         University of Dayton
Julie Morell              2010-2012               Columbus, Ohio                     Student                                           The Ohio State University
Justin Forsthoeffel
Ryan Patton
Anthony Pickens   2010-2013
Alex Repke
Colin Trubee
Jacob Hawkins 
Malachi Robinson
Garrett Lind            2011-2014               Columbus, Ohio          Student( Music ED.) /Asst. Drumline Inst    Otterbein University/Cap City indoor
James Madden
Alex Turnbull
Sam Zelnik
Jonathan Rosselet
Caroline Holden
Bryan Hare
Matt Kramer
Taylor Blake
Brody Arens
Emma Walker
Austin Patton          2012-2016               Columbus, Ohio                    Student/ Front Ensemble Tech        The Ohio State University
Matt Fassbender    2012-2016               Columbus, Ohio                    Student                                            The Ohio State university